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Wintertime Photos – do they matter at all…

July 2017 in NZ

Actually at this time of year down under….you have a problem.

No internet/newspaper/magazine/click-bait stuff is gonna get around this.

Click-bait stuff will tell you that they can help….bullsh*t.

Here in Godzone….we don’t live in a “mid-tropic” zone – bummer – simple geo stuff there – no tricks required!

In this last quarter type period where I have photo’ed over 110 properties …. all of them demand….”the one thing.”




And why not – bloody hell – its winter here in NZ – so why would you not want that big thing in the sky shining on your place.

But – you know what….this sun thing … is pretty bloody hard to come to when the perennial happens.

I call it “life.”

That’s just what happens folks – whether you like it or not!

So do you want this…..

or this…

…and guess what I’ve already fielded questions about “was that the image you shot when you were there?”


Person ….please GET A LIFE.

The property can be viewed when you like!

If you want to visit on a non-sunny day it will look like the first image,


If you want to avoid an inclement weather day and have told your representative/consultant that you only only want to visit on a sunny day – then hey – good news … the place is gonna look just like it does in pic 2!

And in case you have not realised it – the only diff is the sky. (a re-manufactured one of course)

And you know what (I’ve been called a perfectionist by many) – the sky that is there – it is representative of the angle/location/time of day – for a day with a bit of sun. (perhaps a season difference if I’m am gonna give the whole game away) Tell me you’ve seen something like that before?

Hope your agent employees someone who takes care of serious matters like this.

If not – then you need to look for someone who decides to market your property to get the best poss price – and if you ask me –  that only comes with someone who appreciates a serious consideration to photography.

So… I gonna be like every one else here on the net and tell you (or that advert in the side panel there!) who you should call?


Kinda sad (well for me anyway) that here in NZ there is no credit on the real estate pics – as in who took them. But time will tell….

Next post – will try to educate you more on what to LOOK FOR….

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