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Holiday homes, baches, rental …show its best side


We have some of NZs oldest homes in our sunny region

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Land, sub-divisions, commercial, lifestyle, holiday baches, etc


Sometimes the only way to move forward is to look down …


These are the parts of the location that someone can’t see from the street, thus can’t really envisgae or imagine themselves living there, time to let them feel how it could be….


Show what you’ve got, the views, all your weekends landscaping work, the location, etc

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July 2017 in NZ Actually at this time of year down under….you have a problem. No internet/newspaper/magazine/click-bait stuff is gonna […]

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Feb 15th 2017 It surprises me when I look at the various listings of owners renting out their premises to […]

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Dec 22nd 2016 If you’re new to our area, and find yourself driving around Rocks Rd on your first visit […]

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